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Before and After picture of Jennifer, a 33 year old female client who did personal training with Invictus FitnessJennifer – 33

Went from 29% to 19% body fat, lost 23 pounds. Size 12 to 6*

After having 2 babies, I was in very bad shape. It was difficult for me to keep up with my toddler, I was tired with my newborn, and I was overweight. Sadly, I didn’t fit into anything and it was very depressing.

I needed a transformation and started looking for an in-home personal trainer to accommodate my schedule. I knew after I met with Nicole that she would be a good match because she’s tough but knows when and how hard to push. Nicole simplifies the process of transforming yourself if you are willing to put in the effort.

Over the past 4 months, I have become mentally and physically stronger, in control of my diet, and transformed my body. Currently, I am in better shape than when I was in high school playing 3 varsity sports.

I have worked in the fitness industry with many trainers and Nicole is, by far, the best trainer I have ever known.

She is professional, charismatic, consistent, encouraging, and genuinely invested in your success. Nicole doesn’t feel as though she has done her job if you are not progressing. The impact her personal training has had on my life is profound. She showed up at my house 3 times a week for 4 months and never let me give up.

When I completed my program she ensured that I had the information needed to move forward on my own.

Thank you Nicole! You changed my life.

Before and After picture of Johanna, a 30 year old female client who did personal training with Invictus FitnessJohanna – 30

Went from 30% to 21% body fat in 12 weeks, lost 38 lbs*

Working with Invictus Fitness has been one of the best decisions I have made to improve my health. Before I met Nicole, I was on a dangerous path of overeating, laziness, and physical destruction. I needed a miracle worker, and I felt that Nicole was my last hope.

After beginning my personal training sessions, I noticed that I was getting stronger by the day, as well as following her recommended diet plan with ease.

Nicole’s constant encouragement and friendly professionalism was the catalyst to my motivation. I truly believe Nicole was the perfect fit for me at this time in my life.

I am extremely close to my healthy weight goal, and I will continue to use Invictus Fitness as long as I need to so I can achieve and maintain that goal.

Before and After picture of Luann, a 53 year old female client who did personal training with Invictus FitnessLuann – 53

Went from 161 to 138 lbs & from a size 12 to size 8 *

I have fought with my weight for years. The days of 120 pounds were ancient history. As I approached the weight of 165 I knew it was time to take serious action. Everything in the past that I had done to control my weight ended in failure-all the weird diets, over the counter weight loss pills, even hypnosis. I was 52 years old and ready to give up on ever looking good, let alone great.

A personal trainer was my last resort and that’s when I met Nicole. I was concerned that I had gotten myself into a situation where I was going to be screamed at when I failed or ridiculed for my lack of self-control.

To my relief, none of those things happened. I found a personal trainer who understood the failures of my past and made it her goal to see me succeed. The results were going from 161 to 138 (with a little fluctuation at the holidays), from a size 12 to a size 8, control of my cholesterol levels and feeling much better about myself.

I owe it all to her, the perfect combination of discipline, understanding, and motivation.

I also feel that I have found a life long friend. I still hate to exercise but the hour flies by with mix of working out and “talk therapy”.

Nicole has absolutely been the best thing that has happened to my health, both mental and physical, and she has shown me that it’s never too late to whip a 53 year old bod into shape! Nicole is the best!

Becky – 45

Working with Nicole was exactly what I needed to get off the couch and onto the path to a healthier me. She gave me enough information to start making smarter nutrition decisions and the workouts were paced so that I saw results as well as felt them! The perfect combination to keep me educated and motivated.

Allen – 39

I love the convenience of having Nicole come to my house. I jump out of bed, throw on some workout clothes and it’s on. Nicole always keeps it professional and we talk about me, the workout and what my next steps are. She changes up the workouts and drives me to achieve results.

Brenda – 56

Went from 32% to 25% body fat in 12 weeks *

I’ve been working out with Nicole as my personal trainer for 9 months now. I’m not preparing for a marathon or a triathlon. I’m just trying to stay healthy. I’d rather do almost anything else, garden, go to the office, read, but at 56 I know my bones, muscles need the workouts and I feel so much better.

Nicole is at my door every morning, is never late and encourages me to get through my workouts in spite of my grumbling. I have a back injury from a car accident I was in a car accident 3 1/2 years ago.

Nicole is knowledgeable when it comes to injury and works with me on modifying my exercise so my back doesn’t hurt and I still get a good workout. I definitely notice a difference in the way I feel and the energy level I now have.

Not only is Nicole my trainer, but my friend. I appreciate her knowledge of what she does and the fact that even though I’m not trying to achieve running a marathon or something of that nature she works with me and encourages me to push and continue and do better.

Anne – 40

Lost 19 lbs & went from 32% to 23% body fat in 3 months*

Working with Nicole changed my life , she made workouts possible, effective, convenient and enjoyable. Not only did I get results, she also taught me how to listen to my body and helped me learn how to work around the challenges that I had after suffering from a mild traumatic brain injury. I wasn’t sure what to expect when starting personal training, or how my body would respond.

Nicole was confident and helpful every step of the way and after a few workouts I could see training with her was the right decision. Working out brought me to a new level of wellness, I never thought possible and I felt in control of my life again! I began driving again, improved by balance, had more energy, was stronger, and overall just felt like a new person! Thanks Nicole for helping me get my life back!!

Heath – 38

I’ve been working out with Nicole from Invictus for 7 months. When I first started my endurance was low and after about 30 minutes I was light-headed – terrible results for a 38 year old guy! But now I’m stronger than ever, doing more push ups than I ever thought possible and much more fit. I love her coming to my house….it sort of brings the gym back home where all the bad habits live….and reminds me to keep it clean, stay active and pay attention to my health.

Jessica – 39

Went from 30% to 21% body fat in 12 weeks, lost 38 lbs*

With Nicole I lost 20 pounds in three months, and now I am thinner than I was before I had my three children! In each workout, she finds new ways to torture me (I mean, challenge me!) so I don’t get bored. Her advice on both diet and exercise helps me lose weight and keep it off. Her positive approach helps me stay motivated. I look and feel better than I have in 15 years!

Kerry – 39

Lost 22 lbs & went from 32% to 23% body fat in 10 weeks *

As the mother of 1 year-old twins, I had gained 20 lbs post-pregnancy. Within 10 weeks, Nicole has helped me lose 22 lbs and go from 32% to 23% body fat! Working out with Nicole is always fun and challenging. She has taught me the secret to rapid and sustainable weight loss. I am now full of energy and can easily keep up with my active daughters. This year I will turn 40 years old and I’ve never looked better!

Tania – 33

Lost 53 lbs & went from 44% to 35% body fat *

Since I have started to work out with Nicole i have lost 50+ lbs. I would consider this a miracle, but since she educated me on the science of it all, I finally feel like I’m in control. Her workouts are always changing, I never know what we are going to do.

I do know its going to be fun, challenging, and rewarding. She is always on time, always ready to work, and pushes just the right amount. Since I met her I have not only lost 5 pant sizes but, my knees and back don’t hurt. I feel younger and happier than I have in years. I am forever grateful.

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