Semi Private Personal Training


Semi private personal training is a type of fitness training done with a small group of people. Semi private personal trainers work with clients of all fitness levels and create workouts based on each individual’s needs. This type of personal training can be a great way to get the benefits of working with a personal trainer, while still being able to work out with others.

What can I expect from semi private personal training?

Semi private personal training is typically made up of a group of three to four people. In addition to providing each member with a customized workout plan suited to their individual goals and level, your personal trainer will also provide expert, personalized instruction during the course of the session.

One of the greatest benefits of semi private personal training is that you can work out with and support others, but still maintain a level of individuality in your fitness training and goals. Semi private personal training works great for families, where each may be at a different fitness level, but they want to train together.

Some personal trainers also offer semi private personal training, where they place you in a group.

How is semi private personal training different from small group personal training?

Semi private personal training differs from small group personal training in that the fitness plan is based on the individual rather than the group as a whole. With small group personal training, the client will typically assemble the group and most trainers will want all members to be at a similar fitness level. With semi private personal training, that is not always necessary.

Semi private personal training provides many of the same benefits as one on one personal training. Though you’ll be working out with other semi private clients, your workout will be crafted to your needs and can be modified by your trainer during the course of your training. Because of its structure, semi private personal training can also be more affordable than working out one on one with a trainer.

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