Resistance Training


Resistance training, also referred to as strength training, uses resistance to build strength, anaerobic endurance and increase the size of skeletal muscles. Resistance training utilizes the force of gravity with the assistance of equipment, such as weighted bars and dumbbells, to oppose the force generated by muscle through contraction.

Resistance training is an effective way to improve your overall health and fitness, and as part of your personal training, can be tailored to meet your individual needs and goals.

Resistance training is primarily an anaerobic activity.

The two most common forms of resistance training are lifting weights and using resistance bands. Resistance bands are elastic bands of different lengths that are used by people who want to improve their strength without the use of weights. They’re lightweight and portable, which makes them great to take with you when traveling.

Resistance training can also be performed using your own body weight. Some examples include push-ups or sit-ups. Though not usually perceived in this manner, yoga and pilates are two types of fitness that also include forms of resistance training.

In addition to building muscle strength, resistance training helps improve muscular endurance and tone. A balanced fitness program will involve both resistance training and cardiovascular training, as together they incorporate both anaerobic and aerobic activity.

Endurance plays a crucial role in resistance training. The goal of resistance training is to break down the muscles so that they’re forced to adapt and grow stronger. This adaptation process can take time, and endurance is important to maintain the resistance training program long enough to see results.

If you are new to resistance training, it can be helpful to speak with a personal trainer about the ways you can benefit from it. A personal trainer will also provide you with a customized fitness plan and work with you on proper form to help prevent injuries.

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