Private Personal Training


Private personal training refers to personal training in a private setting, such as a home, home gym, private studio or office. Private personal training is a great alternative for those who are uncomfortable working out in a public space or gym.

Private personal training has a higher success rate than other fitness regimens and can be especially useful for those who have difficulty sticking to an exercise program.

What can I expect from private personal training?

With private personal training, you will work one on one in a private setting with a personal trainer. Whether you’re looking to improve your health and fitness, train for an event, lose weight, gain weight, decrease your body mass index (BMI), or improve your overall wellness, working with a private personal trainer can help lower your chances of injury, keep you motivated and increase your chances of success. Depending on your level of fitness and goals, your trainer will likely recommend 1-3+ sessions per week.

In most instances, your trainer will allow you to choose the private space that you’re most comfortable with. For many, this is their home. In most instances, your personal trainer will provide all equipment needed.

Most private training sessions involve a mix of strength training and cardiovascular training exercises. Your personal trainer will use a variety of exercises to help keep you interested and motivated during your sessions.

During the initial session, your private personal trainer will meet with you, conduct a series of assessment tests in order to gauge your fitness level, and from there, create a customized workout plan to fit your body type, individual needs and goals. This plan will be adjusted over time, as you continue to work with your trainer and come closer to reaching your goals. If you have health issues or previous injuries, you should always make that clear to your trainer ahead of time.

Who is private personal training best suited for?

Anyone can benefit from private personal training, no matter their fitness level. Private personal training is often extremely helpful to busy professionals and those who are struggling to lose weight or gain weight, as it incorporates a customized fitness plan that is specifically designed for your body type, schedule and lifestyle.

Some personal trainers also offer nutritional guidance. This can be of great benefit, particularly if your goals involve weight loss or weight gain.

I struggle with sticking to a fitness program. How will private personal training help me with this?

In addition to motivation and accountability, a private personal trainer can provide valuable feedback and guidance to help you break through plateaus and reach new levels. Having a personal trainer gives you a support system that guides you towards your goals, even when you’re unsure if you can reach these on your own.

How much does private personal training cost?

The cost of private personal training can vary based on location and your personal trainer’s experience and fees. Most private personal trainers charge somewhere between $75-$300/hr. When hiring a private personal trainer, you’ll want to get a comprehensive understanding of their background and success rate.

Private personal training can be an excellent way to meet your fitness goals, without the uncomfortableness that many of us experience with training in a public setting. For those who need an extra level of support, or who have a busy schedule, previous injuries or who have specific training needs, private personal training can be a great option.

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