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A mobile personal trainer is similar to an in home personal trainer. The main difference between the two is that a mobile personal trainer may go to more locations than just your home. A mobile personal trainer can also work with you at another location or at your office (or at both your home and office as needed).

Although mobile personal trainers typically work one on one with their clients, they can also provide personal training to small groups.

At Invictus Fitness, we provide mobile personal training, as well as in home personal training and small group training, including couples personal training.

With clients who prefer to workout outdoors, our Austin personal trainers can meet you on location, such as at a local park or a school.

Many people find that working out outdoors compliments their workout. Fresh air helps keep you energized and alert, allowing you to focus more on your workout. Outdoor exercises like running or cycling can be more enjoyable when in natural surroundings. Fresh air also helps boost performance, as it increases oxygen levels and reduces fatigue. By getting outside and training, you can reap the rewards and use it to enhance your overall fitness experience.

In addition to fitness, mobile personal trainers (often) provide nutritional counseling. Combining these two services expedites the transformation process, so personal trainers can achieve a wide variety of goals with their clients in a faster, safer, more effective manner. Some of these benefits include further reduced body fat, faster relief from pain and injuries, and increased lean muscle mass.

Another benefit of working with a personal trainer is it can improve your mental health. After beginning personal training with Invictus Fitness, our clients have reported increased alertness, better sleep, more confidence, more discipline, improved focus, improvements to their overall sense of well being, less stress, better coping skills, and increased serotonin levels, among other things.

Similar to in home personal trainers, mobile personal trainers offer a personalized workout experience and tend to be more involved in their client’s journey. For many, this is not only important, but vital, as it keeps them accountable and committed, empowering them to transform their body and their life, and to reach (and often surpass) their goals.

Mobile personal trainers also provide an extraordinary amount of flexibility. If you have a busy work schedule, our mobile trainers at Invictus Fitness can accommodate your schedule. If your lunch break is the only time you can workout, without taking time off from your job, a mobile personal trainer can meet you when it’s convenient for you.

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