In Home Personal Training


In home personal training typically involves working one-on-one with a personal trainer in the privacy of your own home, or home gym. In home personal training is the main type of training we offer here at Invictus Fitness.

With in home personal training, the trainer comes directly to your house and trains you, according to the schedule you set up with them. Typically we recommend at least one personal training session per week, often more, depending on your ultimate goals.

How Does In Home Personal Training Differ from Other Training Programs?

In home personal training is a convenient way to get fit and improve your health, while offering a level of privacy and individualized attention that you cannot get through fitness classes or working with a trainer at a gym.

One of the biggest reasons people avoid going to the gym is that they feel self-conscious or intimidated at the thought of exercising in front of others who may be in better shape than they are. Personal training at home removes these obstacles, provides consistency to your workout routine, keeps you motivated, and provides a level of convenience that in the end saves you time and money.

Who Can Benefit from In Home Personal Training?

The truth is anyone can benefit from in home personal training. But certain situations may cause someone to seek out this type of training over others. Professionals with busy schedules, parents with young children, and/or those with a previous injury commonly seek out in home personal trainers. In home personal trainers offer flexibility and work around your schedule. They also help you build strength and recover from previous injuries. Working with an in home personal trainer helps prevent future injuries as well.

Another benefit of in home personal training is that it keeps you accountable. Your trainer will keep your sessions fun and challenging to help you stay engaged, so that you can find the motivation and discipline to keep to your training program and transform your life. As you progress towards your goals, your trainer will vary your workouts to meet your current level of fitness.

What Can I Expect from My In Home Personal Training Sessions?

During the initial training session, your trainer will conduct a series of exercises to assess your fitness level. They’ll discuss your goals, schedule and lifestyle in order to put together a comprehensive, customized workout plan that they’ll work with you on over the course of your sessions.

Some in home personal trainers offer body transformation programs that are ideal for those who want to lose weight. These programs often include nutritional guidance in addition to training. These are some of the services we offer here at Invictus Fitness as well.

Although an in home personal trainer can work with you at your home or complex’s gym, it’s not necessary to have your own equipment or gym space. Your personal trainer will provide the elements needed for your sessions.

In home personal training is a wonderful way to get in shape, build confidence, restore and improve health, and has a better and faster success rate than training on your own. Read some of our success stories here at Invictus Fitness to see how our in home personal trainers have helped clients reach their goals.

If you’re in the greater Austin area and interested in pursuing in home personal training, reach out to us at Invictus Fitness to schedule a complimentary consultation. Contact us today!

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