Customized Fitness Plans


Customized fitness plans are created by professional personal trainers, who have experience in creating fitness plans around your body type, lifestyle, schedule, physical conditions and fitness goals, so that you can get the most out of your workout routine.

By working with a personal trainer, there is less of a chance of injury and an increased chance of success, meaning you’ll be able to reach your goals in a faster, healthier manner. You’ll also have a better chance of keeping to your fitness program in the future.


  • Setting realistic goals. A personal trainer will work with you to set goals that you can realistically achieve and maintain. When devising your own workout routine, you may set unrealistic goals, become discouraged, and/or give up on your plan altogether. Or you may not set high enough goals. A personal trainer will work with you to customize a plan that is balanced and realistic, so that you can achieve your desired results.
  • Assessing your current fitness level. When creating a customized fitness plan, a personal trainer assesses your current fitness level; personal trainers will often conduct a series of tests to gauge your physical condition before putting together a customized fitness plan for you. This helps to ensure you meet your goals in a safe and effective manner. A personal trainer will also adjust your fitness plan as needed.
  • The importance of diet in your fitness plan. Diet is an important part of any customized fitness plan. Not only is healthy diet vital to your overall health and wellbeing, but if your diet is imbalanced, or consists mainly of processed or prepackaged foods, and one of your goals is to lose weight, your diet choices may impact your ability to do so. Some personal trainers offer nutritional counseling as part of their services. We offer this at Invictus Fitness. If you’re interested in pursuing nutritional counseling, as part of your personal training program, we can help.
  • Creating a plan that is enjoyable. A personal trainer creates fitness plans that provide a variety of exercises, work different muscle groups, and keep you motivated. Trainers choose appropriate exercises based on your body type and individual goals that help you meet those goals and stay on track. Working with a personal trainer and having a customized fitness plan is a surefire way to reach your fitness goals faster and in a healthier, more sustainable manner.

When working with your trainer on a customized fitness plan, it’s important that it fits your lifestyle and schedule. This helps increase your chances of success and ensures that you don’t miss too many sessions. When you begin working with a personal trainer, be sure to discuss your schedule & lifestyle with them.

In choosing a personal trainer, look for one that provides customized fitness plans.

At Invictus Fitness, we pride ourselves on our customer success rates. If you’re interested in working with a personal trainer, reach out to us today to see how our customized fitness plans can help you. Contact Invictus Fitness!

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