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There is nothing more powerful than overcoming your obstacles and regaining control of your life. We provide proven in home personal training programs designed to help you look great and feel better. Our Austin personal trainers work with you one-on-one in a private setting.

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12 Weeks to a Better Body

With so much uncertainty in life these days it can be easy to get lost in the stress of everyday life! Here at Invictus Fitness we believe now more than ever it’s important to stay healthy, safe and to not lose track of your fitness goals and daily health routine. Our Austin personal trainers can help.

Our personal training programs are created for those who benefit from one on one training. Our personal trainers provide customized fitness plans that are designed to get you to a better body in 12 weeks or less. If you need accountability and motivation that large group programs don’t provide, if you need specialized athletic training, additional help with weight loss or weight gain, if you don’t feel comfortable or have the time to go to a gym or group training environment, or if an app just isn’t going to cut it for you, then Invictus Fitness is right for you.

Did you know that working one on one with a personal trainer can often bring faster, safer results than working out on your own in a gym*? Contact us to learn more about our in home personal training programs and how we can get you to a better body in just 12 weeks. 

Whether you’re looking for in home personal training, men and women’s personal training, strength training, weight loss coaching, nutrition counseling, individualized fitness programs, personal training bootcamps, small group and couple’s personal training, online and virtual personal training, or postpartum personal training, our personal trainers can help. We are currently offering a complimentary fitness analysis to help get you started. Take control of your fitness and health today! Speak with a personal trainer.

Invictus Fitness is an in home personal trainer based in Austin TX. We are not affiliated with Cross Fit Invictus or the Cross Fit brand. We offer in home personal training in Austin and the surrounding areas, and online personal training throughout the U.S. Nicole Renna, owner of Invictus Fitness, is a certified personal trainer with over 17 years of experience providing fitness coaching and personal training services for her clients in Austin and the surrounding areas.

Popular Personal Training Programs

In Home Body Transformation

  • Private personal training in the comfort of your own home, office or home gym
  • One-on-one personal training
  • Couples personal training
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Custom fitness plans

On-site Fitness Bootcamps

  • Personal Training for small groups of 10-20 people
  • Great for teams and building team morale
  • Cost effective
  • Nutrition advice and body measurements

Online Personal Training

  • Personal training conducted online in virtual training sessions
  • Perfect for those who travel often and/or have health-related contact concerns
  • Weekly nutrition analysis and coaching

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