Work Out Playlist 1/15/2012

1) M83- Midnight City

2) The Wanted- Glad You Came ( Alex Guadino Remix)

3) Nervo- We’re All No One

4) Wynter Gordon- Buy My Love

5) Benni Benassi – Put Your Hands up

6) Steve Akoi & Afrojack- No Beef

7) Avicii- Levels

8) J. Cole- Work Out

9) AfroJack- Take Over Control

10) Nadia Ali- Pressure

Dangers of High Heels

I am  always cautioning my clients on the dangers of wearing high heels. Not only do they can damage to your feet, but your whole body!! This video does a great job of explaining the risks in a straight forward manner. If your like me, facts tend to help with motivation when it comes to making changes for the better.


high Heel Shoes, How can these Affect Women’s Health


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The Real Effects of Alcohol

One of the topics that produces the most controversy and eye rolls when it comes to conversations about fitness is alcohol consumption. How bad is it for you? And are there some drinks that are ok to have? Can you lose weight and drink? Not only is there a lot of misinformation out there, but also many people struggle with sustaining from their stress relief in a glass.

The bottom line is is alcohol is poison to your body. It has a negative effect to your general health and it will most definitely impede your progress when it comes to fitness.

In order to process the toxins produced by alcohol, the liver will STOP doing things advantageous to weight loss. If you must drink, try to limit your intake to your cheat meal once a week in order for your body to click on all cylinders for at least 6 days in a row.

Avoid drinks with high sugar and carb contents. Stick to light beer, clear liquors and sugar free mixers and you will minimize the damage. Also avoid in-taking mass amounts of food while drinking, your body will not be able metabolize the calories and they will be stored!

If you know the consequence chances are you will think twice before sucking down that next post work beer. what to write about for college essay Kasinopelit – Kaiken Uhkapelejä – – Netticasino

Variety + Challenge + Results


When it comes to fitness, intensity and variety breed results. To most of us this is no secret, however few of us can say we have these two things in mind when we hit the gym after a hectic day of work. We are usually stressing about the day or thinking about the millions of things we still have to do before we crash into bed. I will be the first to admit its much easier to let your brain go on auto-pilot and guide your body through a workout you have done a hundred times before.  The simple truth is if  you’re not challenging yourself each day, you are wasting your time!.


Today I wanted to share a workout with you that illustrates both of these aspects very well. I guarantee some of exercises you will see are not currently in your realm of thinking or capability. I am sure the contestants on the ‘Biggest Loser’  where thinking the same thing as faced their workouts each day.   I encourage you to take small steps each and try new things.  You will be surprised what you can do.

Workout : watch?v=Adrvcf6KL4o

F is for Flexibility

Many people are quite fanatic, almost religious, about their workout routines. They follow the same regimen on the same schedule week after week, month after month. Others enjoy introducing variety into their workouts to stave off boredom. However, a very low percentage of people include flexibility training as a normal part of their workout. Little do they know they are not only limiting the effectiveness of their workout they are also placing themselves at greater risk of injury as well.

As you age, it is natural that your muscles lose strength, size and flexibility. This affects the range of movement around your joints and may lead to stiffness in the muscles and joints. This same lack of flexibility limits the effectiveness of your exercises and makes one more prone to joint and muscle injury. So as you age, flexibility training becomes even more essential.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

1) Make sure you hold each stretch for a minute or more.

2) Take deep breaths, this promotes muscle relaxation and increased range of motion.

3) Do not bounce. Bouncing doesn’t allow you to lengthen and stretch the muscle, instead you tend to snap it back and fourth like a rubber band.

4) Try trigger point therapy or self- myo-facial release as part of you flexibility routine. Both of these techniques help you address the reason you tight in the first place… the knots in your muscle.

5) Yoga is a great way to increase flexibility.


Below is a instructional video of how to perform myo-facial release on your IT Band, one of the biggest problem areas for most people.



Know Your Zone

After working out with a heart rate monitor, I will NEVER go without. This tool is one of the most important, yet simple devices I have found when it comes to exercise. Not only does it help gauge your intensity, but it also can tell you how many calories you have burned. This information is useful because it is important to workout at the proper intensity and makes weight loss a simple math equation. Calories are simply energy or fuel for the body. If you want to lose weight, the goal is to eat less than you need to maintain your current body mass.

We are a detail orientated society, yet so many people choose to exercise blindly. If you keep a food log and use a heart rate monitor you will be able to tell with accuracy your calories in vs. calories out. Doesn’t seem hard, right? Take this advice to heart. Get one today, strap it on and prepare to be amazed!

Recommended brand: Polar (

Recommended Model: FT4

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The Dreaded Scale

The scale… sometimes its our worst enemy, others times its our best friend. Before you let your routine weigh in get the best of you and control your entire day, I think its important to separate fact from fiction. With a history of striking people with despair, the scale has been causing folks to give up on themselves since it was invented in 1874. We all have been personally affected by the scale at one time or another. Years ago while in my prime, competing in soccer at the college level I saw my weight constantly fluctuate 2 pounds or more in a day! All I did was practice, compete, lift and run like it was going out of style, this depressing news would baffle me every time. After some research here is what I found:

The body can hold up to 15 pounds of extra water and waste depending on any number of variables. Changes in food habits, increases in exercise, not drinking enough water, lack of sleep, sodium intake, women’s cycles, medications, illnesses, etc… Things all started to make sense.

This is the important thing to remember:
We have to eat 7,000 calories over our natural metabolism to gain 2 real pounds of stored fat, AND we have to burn 7,000 calories over our natural metabolism to lose 2 real pounds of stored fat. If you are 176 lbs at the first weigh in and the next day you are at 171, that is almost all going to be attributed to water and waste release, AND if you are 178 the next day the same principle applies. The scale is just an indicator. Make sure you are taking into account other factors as such as how your jeans fit, your body fat percentages, and what you are putting in your mouth.

Considering the facts, there are some tips I would recommend. First, don’t weight in everyday. Pick one day a week and weigh in on your specified day. If you can weight in around the same time each day it is also advised for maximum accuracy because your body hydration levels and weight fluctuates as the day progresses. Second, use body fat as the prime indicator for results. Body fat is a best choice when it comes to indicating health and progress than weight, any time of the day!

DO NOT BE AFRAID OF THE SCALE. Understand the science and set yourself free!

The right shoes make all the difference.

All running shoes are not created equal. Not only can they alter your speed, but they can also affect your knees, back, and joints. I can tell you from personal experience fitting your foot into the correct shoe is vital. It got me running again despite suffering from a shin injury that had once sidelined me. Selecting the right running shoe can make all the difference, and it can be overwhelming when faced with a wall full of shoes that all look pretty much the same. But if you follow these steps, you can find shoes that will have you running like an Olympic marathoner.

1) Find a good running shoe store. You can buy your shoe at the local mega-mart, but the sales professionals in a specialty store are better trained to help you pick the right shoe. To locate a store, ask friends who run, check running magazine reviews, or check the yellow pages.

2) Examine the soles of your old running shoes. Notice the spots where the shoes show wear from the road. This tells you where your foot falls every time it hits the ground.

3) Place your shoes side-by-side on a flat surface. If the shoes tilt in toward the middle, your new shoe probably needs more stability than your old shoe. If they tilt to the outside, you may have a high arch and your new shoes should have good shock absorption.

4) Look at the top of your shoe. If you can see an outline of your big or little toe, and you’ve noticed discomfort in those areas while running, you should try a larger or wider shoe.

5) Go to the running shoe store and bring a pair with you. The employees should be able to help you find on the shoe based on the wear patterns discussed previously. If not, you probably should find a different store.

6) Try out the shoes. Many stores have a treadmill that you can use to audition the shoes. Try on as many shoes as it takes. Make sure you like the feel and fit of the shoe. Make sure the shoe maintains its comfort during wear.

7) Be sure to replace the shoe once you have ran the recommend mileage with them. Once the shoe breaks down from wear, it no longer provides the support that it is suppose to.

Here is a list of local stores that you may wanna try:





You are what you eat!

 I don’t think there is any one who would disagree with me when I say the simple, yet forgotten phrase “food is fuel”. Yet so many of us allow emotion to affect our eating. It seems that stress, lack of time, and mood creep their way into our better judgement, only to leave us dissatisfied with our choices afterwards. Lets face it, eating a cookie  since you had a “bad” day doesn’t  really make your day any better does it? The temporary pleasure is far inferior to the permanent result.

Being committed to your goals and having some knowledge about just what your body needs will help you make better choices next time you feel the urge to stuff your face with junk.   Here are a few things to consider: getting results is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. Often times people put in the work at the gym and neglect to pay any mind to what they are putting in their body, how absurd right?! This is the equivalent of doing your bills without balancing your check book.

If you wanna get that rock hard body you see on the cover of Shape Magazine you must pay attention to not only the amount of calories that you are putting into your body, but also the amount of fat, carbs and sugar. Losing weight is a math equation of calories in vs calories out. The way to solve the equation is to move more and eat less. There are 3500 calories in a pound of fat. So for example, if you wanted to lose one pound of week, you must have a 500 calorie deficit each day. If you want to insure you are losing body fat vs weight in general make sure to stick to the follow tips.

10 things to consider:

  • 1) Stay focused on your goals.
  • 2) Stick to these nutrient percentages : Protein 30%, Carbohydrates 40%, and Fat 30.
  • 3) Eat 5-6 times a day and always within 30 minutes after your workout.
  • 4) Keep a food log ( works great). This is the way to ensure results and know for certain what you are taking in.
  • 5) Water is key. You should be having 6-8 (8oz) glasses a day. This helps flush toxins from the body and speeds up the metabolism.
  • 6) Avoid fruit and dairy. I know your mom probably made you consume both in mass amounts while growing up, but they are full of sugar.
  • 7) Avoid eating less than 2 hours before bedtime
  • 8 ) Keep your alcohol consumption to a minimum. This is a killer of any weight loss program.
  • 9) Avoid refined carbohydrates and simple starches and have protein at every meal.
  • 10) And remember if you have a less than stellar day, don’t dwell on it keep a positive mind set and start fresh the next day.

If you are not sure how many calories you should be eating visit and check out your daily caloric needs estimate calculator.


Hello From Invictus!

Hello everyone and welcome to my much awaited blog! Stay tuned, for tips, good articles, diet advice, success stories, music suggestions and the latest and greatest in the fitness world.



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